Our solution

By using exploded views as navigation,
it's so much easier for your Webshop visitors
to find the parts they need...

Spareparts.Live steps

parts catalogs (from your suppliers)...

are converted into clickable exploded views,

published in a layer on top of your Webshop,

connected to the order pages on your Webshop,

accessible through a tab-button on the side.

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and more ...

Process & Features

Spareparts.Live in 2 minutes >

1. Setting up Spareparts.Live

Spareparts.Live starts by importing, converting and managing your parts catalogs. Depending on your type of license, you can organize your files into folders, define your domain, add ordering information, customize the layout to match your company’s branding and much more, like:

  • multiple language support
  • no IT-involvement needed for Webshop integration
  • extendable with links to other information like service manuals

2. Import your part catalogs

Spareparts.Live lets you import part catalogs in a highly automated process. It automatically analyzes drawings and part lists and converts them into a search & order system. You can verify the end results and adjust if needed or wanted.

  • the highly automated process makes it easy to both get started ánd to keep your product range up-to-date
  • catalogs with different layouts from different suppliers are brought together in 1 user-friendly layout

3. Connect a layer to your website

Spareparts.Live works as a layer on top of your Webshop, containing an overview of all your parts catalogs. All products in a parts catalog are shown in a drawing (exploded view) and defined with at least 3 types of information: position number, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and a description. Spareparts.Live connects these 3 types of information to the product in your Webshop.

  • by using the layer, your Webshop’s functionality is untouched
  • platform independent, works in all modern browsers

4. Your customers order from an exploded view

The exploded views of your part catalogs are used as a means of navigation. Selecting a part number in the drawing showes additional part information, and by clicking on the shopping basket, the layer closes and redirects the visitor to a correct product order page.

  • high confidence about ordering the right part
  • order mistakes will go down to a minimum

Layer features

The Spareparts.Live layer has many user- and customer-friendly features. You can add hotspots, columns, links and other functionalities by choosing the most suitable license for your business.


all clickable areas, closely related to the number of parts you import into the layer.


add multiple options to describe your products.

3Layer design:

add your logo & choose a colour theme to match your Webshop's design.


choose your language or add languages to your multi-lingual Webshop.

5Shopping Cart:

opens the corresponding product page in your Webshop.

already more than 75.000 catalogs & 20.000.000 parts imported into Webshops