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Selling spare parts?

Stop losing money
in the order process.

Turn your parts catalogs into visual navigation for your Webshop:

  • Cost Saving: minimizes order mistakes
  • Simple: start right away, highly automated
  • High Value: fraction of the costs of existing solutions
  • Effective: maximize conversion rate
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Import spare parts

Import or update thousands of spare parts within hours

Spareparts.Live lets you import drawings and parts lists from your parts catalogs and service manuals.

In a highly automated process it converts the parts catalogs into a user-friendly ordering system. Easy to integrate into your Webshop, easy to keep your product range up-to-date.

customer satisfaction

Minimize order mistakes, maximize customer satisfaction

Ordering the right part from a drawing like an exploded view is much easier then ordering from just a name or a photo.

Spareparts.Live lets your customers zoom & click through the drawings while showing additional part information, so giving them maximum certainty about ordering the right parts.

Preferred supplier

Become a preferred supplier to your customers

Spare parts are mainly ordered in situations where there is an immediate need to solve problems as quickly as possible.

When pressure is on, your customers will turn to the most reliable solution for their problem: a user-friendly, up-to-date Webshop with a quick path to the right spare part.

How it works

Spareparts.Live steps

parts catalogs (from your suppliers)...

are converted into clickable exploded views,

published in a layer on top of your Webshop,

connected to the order pages on your Webshop,

accessible through a tab-button on the side.

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Minimize order mistakes, maximize conversion

A license for any type of business...

Whether you’ve just started your own small business or you’re a global player with multiple Webshops, Spareparts.Live offers licenses to suit any type of spare parts business.

In doubt? Start worry-FREE!

Our Free license gives you a zero risk chance to experiment, learn, and make some money in the process. Once you’re convinced about Spareparts.Live, you can upgrade any time...

"...Due to the fast and easy implementation we were able to go live within a month from kick-off, and without any involvement from IT."

Jaap van Gelderen
International Service Development Manager
JDE Professional

Our clients